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Deploy digital infrastructure
faster and with less stress

Leading cloud and network operators trust Listo Digital's expert guidance and training to accelerate their go-to-market and digital infrastructure expansion in emerging markets. Start saving time, money, and stress by scheduling a free consultation with one of our seasoned experts.
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Ivan Sanz
Principal Consultant



Save time and money by letting experienced datacenter and telecom buyers do the sourcing

Cost Optimization

Boost profit by identifying inefficient spend, outdated pricing, and other areas for savings

Network Optimization

Improve latency and network resiliency with coherent interconnect strategy and architecture
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Why work with
Listo Digital?

Expert Support
Our team has first-hand experience building and scaling digital infrastructure. We understand your journey and are best-equipped to help you deploy solutions that your customers love and save you time and money. Whether it is colocation, IP transit, dark fiber, or bare metal - or anything in between - we have got you covered.
Proven Scale
With 350+ projects in over 40 countries, we know hyperscale. Our efforts power some of the world's most innovative and well-connected networks, like Fastly, Spotify, and EdgeCast Networks. With this  proven experience at 100+ Tbps scale, we can help you implement industry-leading solutions that win more business and save money.
Global Reach
We have spent the last 10 years building trusted relationships with key suppliers and decision-makers all across the globe, including in developing markets like India, Africa, and South America. Our extensive network of contacts means you get the right solution at a competitive price. And through our partnership with Inflect, we have 500+ suppliers on speed dial ready to bid for your business.
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